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Question on Stops (manual exit vs stop limit) and actual trading system/program (Questrade, IB, VB) for new Daytrader

I have been papertrading and reading up on everything for the last couple months as I am completely new to this World. A few questions here:
  1. What broker is good for the actual trading system. So Questrade has IQEDGE (for example) and then IB and Virtual Brokers have their own systems of course. Is there one system that active daytraders prefer OR any other loved systems beyond these (fees ok as most likely my trading volume can offset cost a bit)? Most reviews have been heavily based on commissions, but I feel that I can get those down in price eventually based on my trade volume and well, you have to spend money to make money right! I really want the best system and don't want to start with Questrade and then realize I should have gone with IB (for example) a few months later.
  2. Maybe I am completely noobing out on this, but I am understanding that with TSX you cannot do a stop (just stop limit) from all my reading. How do you protect yourself properly? I understand I can set my limit and stop to be different, but I really would rather just have a market sell, as I am scared for the stop limit to skip over me. I am having a 80-100% win rate practicing but haven't experienced any drastic drops yet and want to understand the best risk management. If I am generally going with ~$20 stocks, do I set the stop limit around .10 off between stop & limit? Or do I watch for a drop and manually do a market sell if I see the market dipping (based on my exit strategy)?
Side note: I feel like I may eventually switch over to US markets or Forex but I want to start simple and with what I have been practicing so I am not stuck in 'reading/learning land' forever ;)
Thanks in advance!

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